You have a restaurant and have been doing bulk orders over the counter for years. You thought all this time was enough to keep your business going as usual. However, due to commercial establishments growing in number and now, more than ever, your business is facing stiff competition from restaurants, cafe’s and takeaway joints. Not all these places run on similar lines as you do but one thing that they all seem to have in common is an app for customers to order food from their devices. What’s wrong with your business? Why don’t you have an app yet?

How can a Food ordering app make a difference in your business

Many restaurant owners are not aware of the benefits they get from having a food ordering app. This is because they do not want to invest in technology that may not yield any results. But if you are looking for ways to increase your sales, there is no other better way than getting a food ordering app for your restaurant.

Here are some of the benefits you get when you have a food ordering app for your business:

1- Convenience for customers

Food ordering apps can be a convenience for customers. The ability to order food online and then pick it up at the restaurant is a great way to skip the wait at the counter.

There are several reasons why customers choose an app over calling in their order. With an app, you can check out the menu, find deals, and even earn rewards.

Here are some of the ways you can use a food ordering app:

Ordering your favorite meal is easy with an app. You don’t have to memorize what’s on the menu or have your credit card on hand. You can simply pull up your phone and order from anywhere — even from home!

If you’re trying to avoid fast food or eat healthier, food ordering apps can help make it easier. Many restaurants offer healthy options that can fit into any diet plan, including vegetarian or vegan diets. You’ll find plenty of options when you use an app to place your order!

If you’re working late or out running errands with your kids, don’t worry about missing out on dinner time—order takeout through an app and pick it up when it’s ready! +

This way you won’t miss out on quality family time because of busy schedules

2- Easy to make changes to menu which are reflected immediately

When you own a restaurant, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. From managing staff to keeping the kitchen clean and stocked, running a restaurant is not easy. One of the most important aspects of running a restaurant is managing your menu and updating it. Having a food ordering app will help you keep your menu updated and will allow you to have all of the information about your menu at your customers’ fingertips. This allows them to browse through all of the items on offer and decide which ones they want before ordering them from their table or when they get home from work. Having this information on hand will also help them make better choices about what they order from you because it gives them more information about what they’re eating.

3- New source of traffic for your business.

You can use this app to attract new customers who would not have visited your restaurant if it wasn’t for this app. If you have a good reputation, word-of-mouth advertising will spread like wildfire among people who already know about you and those who are yet to discover what you have to offer.

Increase in sales: The number of orders placed through an app is always higher than those placed over the phone or by walk-ins at the counter. Customers like convenience and speed, so when they see an option where they can order their meal without having to wait in long queues or talk with someone over the phone, they will definitely opt for it over anything else. It also saves them time as they do not need to travel all the way to your restaurant just


Restaurants are always looking for ways to increase their customer base and keep their customers happy. Food ordering apps are a great way to do both. At WebConverted  we know how to boost your business, transforming your website into a food ordering app. Leave the heavy lifting to our experts, and we will accompany you in an updated and effective digital process.