Important features of the apps

Push Notifications

Send unlimited push notifications, we won’t charge you anything. You can also send deep linking notifications and targeted notifications to certain users of your app.

Pull To Refresh

Refresh your pages with just a swipe down gesture. You can also use this layout to indicate page loading.

Downloads & Uploads

The option to Download and Upload files is enabled on your app.

Support All Databases

Your app will read and understand all kinds of databases For example MySql, Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, DB2, SAP HANA.

App Linking & Sharing

Linking to other applications and even link to a web browser.

Media Playback

Your app will be able to record and play videos same as music and audio.

More Features

All websites platforms

We accept and support all websites platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Progressive web apps, HTML5 games, PHP, Wix, MySql, etc.

App Updates

Every change you make on the website automatically reflects on the app.

Rate My App

Notification will appear to your users to go and rate your app. 

No Internet Connection

The app shows a beautiful no connection screen when the user is not connected to internet.

Responsive & Adaptive

Works on all screens, tablets, phones and high-definition screens.

Offline App

You can also convert an offline app. You just need to send us the files you want us to upload and we convert your offline app.


Our apps are fully secured against any bug and you won’t experience any problem in the future.

24/7 support

Make sure to contact us for any doubt or problem you are experiencing with your app. We will be here for you and reply to you as soon as we can.

Camera Permission

Full Screen

Splash Screen


Supports all android versions

Supports all iOS versions